Sunday, November 2, 2008

Calling All G2 Collectors!

As many of you know, The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory is almost ready for print! I am so excited about this project on so many levels. First, it is the first time G2 ponies will have a guide of there own, and secondly, because I had the opportunity to collaborate with some truly awesome G2 collectors to put together an amazing resource.

Priced Nostalgia Press has been really great about doing things right and not rushing the final product. However, they are determined to have the book on shelves which means all of the loose ends have to be tied up! I’ve been told that the majority of the book is formatted and ready to go, and I’ve been promised a book mock-up very soon which I am SO anxious to see!

To make the G2 Collector’s Inventory match the format of other guides in the Collector’s Inventory Series and to allow for wider release, Priced Nostalgia will be requiring me to include a price guide on the G2s. I have kept detailed records of final value auction prices over the last several years, but since G2s are so sporadic on the market it may be months or even years between listed items and prices can be all over the place. What I’d like to do is conduct a G2 “price check” survey among avid G2 collectors in which they complete a value chart for every G2 pony both loose and MIB using five dollar price ranges (Ex: $5-$10) or for higher priced items, they could include an approximate value estimate. Then all of this data could be analyzed together. I really hope that you will consider filling one out to help make the price guide as accurate as possible. The “price check survey” document can be sent to you through email and can be emailed to when complete. Please let me know if you would be willing to participate by either posting a comment or sending an email to Please provide an email address where I can send the survey.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Calling All Owners Of The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory

Get your detective hats and magnifying glasses ready! Now is your chance to report any errors, omissions, or typos you've found in your copy of The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory. I am aware of few things that slipped past the editors but I need your help to see if you can find any additional mistakes! Now is your opportunity to help improve the best My Little Pony Guide available and make it even better!

Please email to report errors. Thanks for the support!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are You Enjoying Your My Little Pony Collector's Inventory Books? Write a Review!

I've had so many people compliment me on The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory and The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory and I really appreciate all of the kind words. Knowing that so many people are actually using my books to organize their collections makes all the hard work worth while.

I've noticed that while the sales of the books on and other websites are going well, very few customers are taking the time to write a review once they purchase the books. If you have purchased either book and have the time available, I'd really appreciate if you would quickly log in and jot down your thoughts on the book. I know when I go shopping online, I look not only at the previews, but also the customer reviews.

If you've bought a book from somewhere else, but still want to write a review, feel free to send one to either myself at or you can contact the publisher at

Thanks so much for getting the word out about these books!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

All About the Books

I tend to get quite a few questions about the books I write, the most popular being "How did you get them to print?" and "What's coming out next?" Here's a few answers for the curious.

The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory had it's beginnings as The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Resource that was originally published in February 2006 by Purple Pajama Press. The book gained positive reviews from collectors and parents alike and was featured at the national My Little Pony Fair and Convention held in San Francisco, California in July of 2006.

Initially, it had been planned that a second edition of The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Resource would be available in early 2007 with the added Crystal Princess section. It was also planned that a supplemental book containing only the updated Crystal Princess line would be released concurrently with the second edition to accommodate collectors who had previously purchased the first edition.

Shortly after I had started work on the new edition, I was contacted by Priced Nostalgia Press who negotiated for the rights to exclusively publish The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Resource for their Collector's Inventory Series. New updates, including the Crystal Princess line and Ponyville, were added and the previous text was reformatted to fit the style of the Collector's Inventory Series. Additional improvements were made to enhance photographs and expand both the table of contents and the index. The book cover and title were also changed to conform to the style of the Collector's Inventory Series. Publishing The My Little Pony G3 Collector's G3 Inventory has provided the opportunity for a wider release and increased book availability.

In May of 2008, The My Little Pony G1 Collector’s Inventory was released through Priced Nostalgia. This was especially exciting for me since it was a project I had worked on for nearly eight years. The My Little Pony G1 Collector’s Inventory has been favorably reviewed by and ToyTalk.

Upcoming books include, The My Little Pony G2 Collector’s Inventory as well as an updated companion book that covers the newest releases of the My Little Pony G3 line. I've been very pleased with my partnership with Priced Nostalgia and look forward to continuing to work with them.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

New Cover Art for Upcoming G2 Book Revealed!

The new cover art for my upcoming book, The My Little Pony G2 Collector's Inventory, was recently revealed at the 2008 My Little Pony Fair. I've had so many people tell me they are eager for the book's release. The final product subtitles and cover text may change a bit, but this is pretty much the overall design. I'm especially excited about this project and can't wait to hear feedback on the final product!

Priced Nostalgia Holds Contest for $50 Ebay Giftcard!

Priced Nostalgia launched the Pony Symbol Contest last weekend at the My Little Pony Fair in Providence, Rhode Island. If you didn't have a chance to enter at the event, you can fill out an online entry form by going to this link. The contest is very easy to enter, especially is you have your copy of my book, The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory handy. Participants must list the names of the 49 ponies whose symbols appear on the book cover. The contest runs throughout the summer and ends September 30th.

Thank You!

I just wanted to thank everyone who has sent me messages since the release of The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory. It is nice to know that so many of you appreciate all of the hard work that went into the project. In addition, it was terrific to actually meet some of you in Rhode Island! I love to get feedback on the books because it lets me know what you like as well as what you'd like to see in future projects. A special thanks also goes to and for tagging announcements about the books on the top of their forum pages. Thanks for helping to get the word out!