Thursday, July 17, 2008

Are You Enjoying Your My Little Pony Collector's Inventory Books? Write a Review!

I've had so many people compliment me on The My Little Pony G1 Collector's Inventory and The My Little Pony G3 Collector's Inventory and I really appreciate all of the kind words. Knowing that so many people are actually using my books to organize their collections makes all the hard work worth while.

I've noticed that while the sales of the books on and other websites are going well, very few customers are taking the time to write a review once they purchase the books. If you have purchased either book and have the time available, I'd really appreciate if you would quickly log in and jot down your thoughts on the book. I know when I go shopping online, I look not only at the previews, but also the customer reviews.

If you've bought a book from somewhere else, but still want to write a review, feel free to send one to either myself at or you can contact the publisher at

Thanks so much for getting the word out about these books!

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